9, 2nd Proezd Perova Polya,
Moscow, 111141, Russia.


+7(495) 672-66-90

Sales management

«FORENERGO SPEC COMPLECT» LTD. is the designated Distributor of the products of «INSTA» LTD.
3, Zavodskaya st., Yuzhnouralsk 457040, Chelyabinsk rgn, Russia
Vladimir Kutepov Tel.: +7(3514) 44-05-33 - 1510 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9, 2nd Proezd Perova Polya, Moscow, 111141, Russia
Ilya Klementiev Tel.: +7 (495) 780-51-65 (ext. 231) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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About company «INSTA»

LLC “INSTA” – a company specializing in development and batch production of composite high-voltage insulators and the isolating structures for HV lines and substations.

The head office of LLC “INSTA”, marketing services and one of warehouses are located in Moscow. The manufacture is situated in Lysva city, Perm Region. INSTA has begun the production of modern composite insulators for HV lines and substations in 2005. Development of insulator’s design and the production technology is carried out with active participation of the leading branch organization - LLC “Special Technological Construction Bureau for Insulators and Fittings” .

Nowadays, LLC “INSTA” is one of the top three Russian producers of composite insulators. During their 13 years of existence more than 2 million 400 thousand composite insulators of different voltage levels and mechanical durability has been made and put into operation. Production of LLC “INSTA” is successfully applied on power facilities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Belarus, Turkmenistan and Georgia.
Since 2009 LLC “INSTA” is a part of a huge Russian industry group “FORENERGO”.


We use only modern technological equipment for the production of composite insulators.
There are six injection automatic presses located on the territory of industrial complex. They are capable to produce over 50 thousand composite insulators monthly. Also, six transfer molding presses produce over 20 thousand products per month.

The press molding shop of end-fittings is equipped with five radial press units with ultrasonic control of the quality. There are three stands of press molding of the flanges for post composite insulators. The modern technological line is used for production of compounded rubber.

The modern insulator design and high-automated processing equipment almost completely exclude influence of subjective factors on quality of the insulators, which have stable high level of quality output.

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СЕРТИФИКАТЫ ИСО (международная система менеджмента качества)

Sertifikat SeM INSTA 2017 2020  Sertifikat SMBTiOZ INSTA 2017 2020


 ЛК 10-110/40-120  ЛК 70-120/150-220  ЛКГ 70(120)
ЛК 110-550/70-210    
 ОЛФ-10  ОЛСК-6(12.5)-10  ШФ-35В
 ОСК-4-10-2, ОСК 4-20-2,ОСК 3-35-2   ОСК-6(8)-110, ОСК 10(12.5)-110  ОСК-8-10-1
 ОСК-(8, 10, 12,5)-35  ОСК-6(8, 10)-150(220)  ОЛФ-35
 РМИ, РМИД 110-220 кВ  ОПК  ЛШП 10, ЛШП 20
ОЛСК-10(12.5, 16)-20(35) ШПФ 10, ШПФ 20  

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High-voltage composite insulators Test Center

The test center of the plant is certified in the Federal Accreditation Service system on work according to area of accreditation, national and international standards.

attestat ic 2014


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